SGI Pioneers - Who Are They?
 SGI - Pioneers
The Soka Gakkai Pioneers are the women and the men that began this world peace movement by propagating Nichiren Daishonins Buddhism and spreading the mystic law of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Their struggles are the SGI members fortune today! The SGI movement for World Peace began in Japan in 1930. Our 3rd President Daisaku Ikeda, flew to Hawaii in 1960 and thus the SGI and the World Peace movement began in the United States and the world. SGI and Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism is now practiced in 192 countries.

The Pioneers of the Santa Barbara area were always willing to open their homes for a world peace activity. Mrs. Amy Walker and Mrs. Takako Weston are just two of the outstanding Stars from the pioneer days! Thank you to all of our Pioneers. Find out more about SGI/Nichirens Buddhism
Nobu Yamamoto, 101 years old has proven that spreading the Mystic Law extends your life.