SGI of Santa Barbara, form a Band to inspire the Members and their Guests with Music and Song.
Santa Barbara Area .. Districts in SGI are created to be a loving, supportive family.
Daisaku Ikeda, President of the Soka Gakkai International, continually encourages the members of the SGI to explore their individual, creativity and uniqueness. Mr. Ikeda, believes it is important to understand that every one is equal and different; and that each human being must respect and encourage each others talents; and for a peaceful world we have to overcome the tendency to think that we must all be the same. To find out more about Daisaku Ikeda click below:
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SGI Creates Wonderful Activities for the Members to enjoy and expand their compassion.
Districts of Santa Barbara Area Conduct Dialogue.
SGI Members feel that Children are our future and must be loved and protected.
Every month, all the members from each District gather together to create ways to unite towards a peaceful, happy community and society. By using Nichiren Daishonins Buddhism, individuals' dreams, become a reality and this causes members to celebrate and unite together, creating a mini world peace. There are 12 million SGI members around the world who practice Nichiren Daishonins Buddhism. To learn more click below.
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